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 Ovarian Cancer in its tracks!
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About the Walk

The Winners Walk of Hope

The Winners Walk of Hope in support of Ovarian Cancer Canada (OCC), a new organization formed by the joining of the National Ovarian Cancer Association and Ovarian Cancer Canada, is a remarkable event designed to create a sense of community for women living with ovarian cancer and their family and friends. It's a day filled with hope and support, creating a greater awareness around ovarian cancer.

A walk for ovarian cancer was first introduced to NOCA by Peggy Truscott, a woman living with ovarian cancer and also long-time volunteer. She felt that there was a need for an event that would bring women with ovarian cancer together with family and friends. This event would give women the opportunity to share their stories with others who could relate to their experiences. Family and friends would be able to provide active support and help raise awareness about this disease. Above all, this event would give hope to all those touched by ovarian cancer and help turn the whispers of this disease into a roar. With support from the organization, Peggy organized the first ever Walk of Hope in Toronto's Sunnybrook Park on September 29, 2002. Peggy's dream proved to be a huge success with more than 350 participants raising over $40,000 in pledges and donations for National Ovarian Cancer Association.

Building On Our Success
Based upon how well-received it had been in Toronto, NOCA decided to take on the Walk of Hope as its signature event and expand to other communities interested in hosting their own walks.

September 2007

Join us on Sunday, September 9, 2007 as we launch the new Ovarian Cancer Canada's Winners Walk of Hope being hosted in 14 cities across Canada. Windsor, ON and Moncton, NB, will be added to the growing list of Winners Walk of Hope events.

September 2006

Thanks a Million!
Winners Merchants International became the National Title Sponsor of the Walk of Hope. The Winners Walk of Hope raised over $1 million dollars at the 5th annual walk - in will be the 'National 12 Canadian cities adding in three new locations: Victoria, Vancouver and Saskatoon.

September 2005

The walk raised over $600,000 in nine locations across Canada, adding Edmonton as the new location.

September 2004

Expanded to include Comox Valley, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax and St. John's

September 2003

Expanded to include Toronto, Ottawa, and Halifax

September 2002

First Walk of Hope hosted in Toronto